tiger beer

In Singapore, street food is not just local culture.

It’s a mixture of the things the country loves in whole.

It’s the families that know each other. The friends that have all acquainted themselves with the same foods and familiar flavors. The food selection is as far and wide as the country itself. So are the people who enjoy it. 

Families have been raised by the very parents who work these stalls. There is no shortage of them. Some have forbidden their children to learn the trade even. They instead please the nation in order to give those students, their children, a better future. One away from the wok. 

Consider what’s at stake should these places disappear. Can a McDonald’s burger really take place of an authentic popiah? 

Of course not. There is no comparison.

That’s why one man from Singapore has taken this tradition into his own hands. A man who aims to preserve the Singapore street food tradition by teaching others about
it. This is preservation made by example. By the satisfaction so many have with a variety of fresh foods cooked with real hands and honest care. 

Tiger Beer is the man with an enormous campaign to keep the street food culture alive. He’s doing it through a series of videos. Each scene tells a story. One we all need to know. A behind the scenes look at what it takes to operate and sustain this timed tested culture. 

Tiger Beer is becoming synonymous with Singapore’s hawker heritage and street food alike. His work is inspiring many. He has found a way to bring passion and honor to an old tradition that is still in the hearts of many. 

A tradition, based on these recent campaigns, that may live forever.

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