Singaporeans take their leadership concepts seriously. Because the concept of modern leadership of the area is still new and still under formation, the leaders are still developing their skills.

The late Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew, had ruled for approximately 30 yesars. His new leadership capacity and talent are still being enjoyed and put into action as the country continues its growth. New leaders are emerging and rising to the forefront. New leadership candidates are being educated and given leadership skills as the culture and political arena continue to develop in this modern era.

According to Andrew Bryant at selfleadership.com, there exist differences between Asia leadership and Western leadership. Not huge differences, but still discernable ones. Leaders everywhere need to ask the same questions about their actions, their skills, and the atmosphere they are going to lead. The difference between Asia leadership and Western leadership can be seen more in the focus and style of the leadership required. Bryant contends that Asian leadership tends to be more execution-oriented, whereas Western leadership tends to have a more creative style.

It’s somehow efficient to make business. Countries such as Singapore are now seeking leadership training such as that taught by arms of major universities such as SMU.

A challenge for Singapore in this new Era is to foster communication within the leadership styles. As Western leadership models tend to experience a bit more freedom, the Western leaders must be able to communicate with their more cut-and-dried task- execution oriented counterparts.

Conclusions about leadership in Singapore: new leadership is developing in Singapore. The country is holding leadership training sessions to empower and educate the new crop of leaders.

With their determination toward successful business growth and individual success, the country seems headed in a progressive and profitable direction. New leadership can take the country where it needs to go, while preserving it’s unique culture and heritage.

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