Property developers in Singapore are having a field day. This is a happy occasion.

It’s not every day that people get a chance to see construction like this. What this is is an immense attraction to a botanical garden. And it’s not just a place to walk around. The learning opportunity at this new park will be a rare one.

Plans and drawings are underway.

The country prepares for its first ethnobotany garden and the only one of its kind.

It’s expected to open in late 2017 and invite people from all walks of life. The garden will measure at roughly 1 hectare in total and will display a wondrous collection of ethnobotanical, medicinal and economic plants.

Most of them are used by indigenous and local cultures.

These new developments are being forwarded by The National Parks Board, and the board show no signs of slowing down. The garden will be an addition to the Singapore Botanic Gardens and a fresh new attraction.

The specific study of plants’ relationship to people is called ethnobotany.

This is what the garden will be dedicated to. The impact plants have had and the different ways humans have used plants go under this umbrella of study. The finish garden will help the public learn about these intricacies and their involvement in history.

There are already drawings and artist renditions of structure and layouts.

The structure will consist of fresh bamboos. There’ll also be a facility to experiment with chemicals and plants alike. Guests visiting the park will soon get a first hand experience on what it was like for settlers to begin using the plants they found.

They’ll learn about what day to day life was like back then.

Four different zones will divide the park for recreational use. Visitors will find areas for medicinal uses, domestic uses, craft uses and spiritual purposes.

This is nothing short of a miracle and one many people are waiting to see.

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