To counter the idea of food manufacturing is a fading industry, food bloggers will visit food manufacturers and share behind the scenes stories about the industry. Also, a series of short films about young industry professionals will be produced. The Singapore Food Manufacturing Association is behind the effort to change the image of the food manufacturing industry.

A recent survey by the SFMA found that only 16 percent of Singaporeans would consider pursuing a career working for the food manufacturing industry. Of the 600 participants who took part in the survey, 40 percent believed the type of work done was heavy with manual labor.

The Singapore Food Manufacturing Association has set a goal of changing young people’s perception about the food manufacturing industry.

The company readily admits they have had much difficulty hiring younger workers. About this situation the deputy president of the SFMA had this to say:  “The image of the food manufacturing industry in Singapore is not been a very well-received one to the young people.  So I think there is an urgent need for us to really uplift the industry image and bring in new blood into the industry.”

A point made in the series of short films is that the food manufacturing industry is becoming less and less manually laborious due to the introduction of automation and technology.

According to Shiro Corp.’s Research and Development Manager, Christine Lee, a example that can be sited about the move toward automation comes from their sister company Kay Lee Roast Meat. The company introduced machinery to boost the number of roast ducks cooked per day. The new technology allowed them to jump from cooking 60 to 80 roasted ducks per day to nearly 1,000 per day. About this Lee said: “We make sure that all the ducks that are going out from the factory are of the same quality and taste,”

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