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Again, Singapore strives toward innovation.

But. …something is stopping it’s easy flow. Many are blaming it on a certain culture. The “Kiasu” to be specific, and according to Kuik Shiao-Yin, it’s  draining the country’s originality.

As entrepreneurs, we have to face fear constantly. Fear never changes or becomes easier. The culture found in Singapore is one where failure is not accepted. Failure is shunned. What this does is create a fear of failure. The result is inevitable. Why? Because failure is the prerequisite to innovation.

Innovation only comes when after trail and. …yes, error. You can’t have one without the other. Without failing initially, you don’t take the final step to originality.

Singapore’s in need of a deep transformation. One like never before.

The bold words of Kuik Shiao-Yin shuns grant provision for the very same reasons. Applying for grants in Singapore is the acknowledgement of fear. That is the fear of failing. She believes that Singapore’s culture needs to be transformed deeply.

Other MPs present at Ms. Kuick’s speech agreed that the sense of having a comfort zone is hurting the country and its innovation in the long run.

Innovation must be built on the risk that entrepreneurs and great thinkers take. The fear-based mindset of people with original ideas stops them from getting those into the world.

By having a generation committed to getting grants, you wind up with grant chasers. Financial support upon inception leads many to only gauge the innovation they can provide based on whether or not they raise money. But true entrepreneurship requires those who part-take to work from a place of need.

They need to see their ideas come to pass from their own ingenuity. Having a lump sum of money can hinder this process. For Singapore to rejuvenate innovation and commerce, the fear based thinking must be eliminated.

There is also a powerful entrepreneur around who can point the country in the right direction.

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