A real estate company takes large strides in Singapore recently.

The shocked is felt by the financial sectors. Ownership is being exchanged through business hands and for very large sums. The aim in mind is the ownership of portfolio specs that Warren Buffet would consider.

Some specs represent hundreds of million of dollars in value.

Hence, those in finance know about this deal. The undertaking being made should then be obvious. Land is the target, and ownership is the goal. These are amounts the average person couldn’t dream of.

Indaibulls Real Estate has now become the majority holder of the IPIT portfolio. IPIT is a Singapore listed trust with tremendous equity to boot. Indaibulls Real Estate’s stake was a 51.18 percent takeover through shares. This is how it acquired its newly found wealth and ownership. The playing field has changed.

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Its prior stake was in Indaibulls Properties Investment Trust. This was also a substantial holding to say the least. See expat loans and business loan in Singapore for initial commercial and business use.

That happened to be a portfolio of commercial office space with high rental prices. It contained over 3 million sq ft in the portfolio. This equals its total and living equity. It also has an equal land mass of 3 million sq ft as residential space that are under construction.

The newly developed residential will be worth its weight in gold when completed.

The acquisition of 27,696,100 units were gathered up on the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading. The merger and acquisition are completely legal.

The filing concluded that IPIT is to be the majority owner of the subsidiary company. Indaibulls Real Estate will now consolidate IPIT’s financial into itself and take into account the fiscal year’s first quarter. But IBREL does position itself to take on debt with a basic increase of roughly 2,918 crore also.

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